Mahestan Gas Company is the leading:


  • Producer and Supplier of industrial, medical, food grade, refrigerants, mixtures, high purity and specialty gases.
  • Manufacturer & Contractor of gas equipment, manifold banks, gas lines, assembly and gas control systems.
  • Supplier of liquid bulk and gases for onshore/offshore purging projects.
  • Provider of all gases- related installations and services.



Our Services

With our specialized knowledge and experience in industrial and medical gases, MG provides design and consultancy services to our clients in the field of gas distribution pipeline systems for storage. We offer complete range of permanent cylinder manifold and manifold pressure reducing stations.
MG company employs variety of options in handling, delivery and storage of the gas products to minimize the customer's cost for the gases purchased.
With our large storage capabilities and widespread distribution network, we provide our customers a constant and reliable supply of gases.

We perform the following services, but not limited to :

  • Refurbishment of Cryogenic tanks of various sizes.

  • Hydrostatic testing of pressure vessel of various sizes starting from 0.5 liter to 50000 liters with test pressure capacity of 10000 psig.

  • Testing & fixing of high pressure cylinder valves.

  • Repairing high pressure cylinder valves.